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Architectural Showcase

A Contemporary
Wooden Facade

Private Residence / Alys Beach, Florida

Architect: Michael Morrow, Kinneymorrow Architecture
Builder: Galvas Construction

E. F. San Juan constructed a series of unique Satina™ tropical hardwood screens that form parts of the home’s facade, railings, courtyard gate, and more. “Kinneymorrow Architecture came to us with this design inspiration, and I have to say that we knocked it out of the park,” says E. F. San Juan’s president, Edward San Juan.

The seeming simplicity of this exterior facade is deceptively complex. The horizontal lines and spacing that Michael wanted to carry through the facade encompassed gates, shutters, screens, balcony rails, and rain shields had to be incredibly precise to fit seamlessly and remain intact through the years. “It’s always a challenge to execute contemporary details, as there is nowhere to hide imperfections,” says Michael. “The reality of being in a seaside climate compounded on top of that, especially working with wood.”


The E. F. San Juan engineering department worked out the complex fabrication details required to make Michael’s design inspiration come together, and the team at Galvas Construction did an excellent job of installing all pieces to bring the plan to fruition. We used our trademarked Satina™ tropical hardwood to fabricate the facade and engineered tertiary attachment methods into the components to ensure longevity. “This was one of the most complex exteriors we have engineered, and, as always, we loved the challenge,” Edward says.


Michael adds, “The exterior woodwork on this project is the project, and so this one would not have been possible without E. F. San Juan. Collaborating was a joy, from working out the details to the exquisite realization. These folks have forgotten more about wood than most people will ever know in the first place!”


Thank you to Michael, Kinneymorrow, and the team at Galvas Construction for choosing E. F. San Juan.


Photograph courtesy of Alys Beach

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