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Middle Eastern Beauty

At The Beach

Private Residence / Alys Beach, Florida

Architect: Khoury & Vogt Architects
Builder: Alys Beach Construction

E. F. San Juan furnished this very unique architectural gem with Weather Shield impact-rated windows and doors, a mahogany impact-rated front door, and all of the custom exterior millwork, including shutters, screens, trim, handrails, and gates.

“Part of [the Alys Beach] coding, along with the master plan itself, dictated that a tower mark the corner of the lot,” says KVA. “Aligning this with the adjoining park to the south reinforces the axiality of each and locks the house into a greater urban whole.” The sheer amount of custom millwork created for this house made it a challenge, but a welcome one. The unique exterior called for wooden details everywhere, from the shutters to the handrails, mouldings and trim, roof decking, courtyard gates, ceiling panels for the Florida rooms, loggia screen panels, and more—but the tower was the standout element. The homeowners’ desire for Middle Eastern influences was met through the wooden mashrabiya (or moucharaby) oriel-style wooden latticework enclosing the third-story tower living space. Creating this focal point was some of our team’s most unique work to date, requiring the ultimate attention to detail, precision, and planning.


The location close to the Gulf of Mexico also dictated that we partner with our friends at Weather Shield on the impact-rated exterior windows and doors, and their Lifeguard line was perfect for the job. The mahogany impact-rated front door also combines safety and security with beauty and style.


Working closely with KVA and Alys Beach Construction on the timeline and planning for our custom wood products, windows, and doors was monumental to the success of this build. The amount of millwork produced meant our team had to carefully manage their time while ensuring we provided the highest quality of detail and work. The location south of Scenic Highway 30-A, steps from the beach, also meant deciding with KVA and Alys Beach Construction what materials should be used for the best possible production quality and looks while adhering to coding and standing the test of time in the harsh Gulfside elements such as high winds, humidity, and salt.


The tower elements alone required the utmost care for building and installation. It was truly a test of skill for our team and Alys Beach Construction to create the corbels and other support pieces that would hold up the wooden oriel windows and latticework screens. We couldn’t be happier with the result and are genuinely honored to have been part of the talented team on such a cornerstone residence in the Alys Beach townscape.


Photography courtesy of Alys Beach

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