PROJECT: Private Residence 
ARCHITECT: Geoff Chick Architect

BUILDER: Chris Clark Construction

E. F. San Juan offers thousands
of custom moulding profiles, carefully crafted in more than
25  different wood species.

At E. F. San Juan we produce interior and exterior doors as well as intricate millwork
to your custom specifications in any wood species your project dictates. We inventory more than 25 different domestic and exotic species of wood. If we do not carry the species your project requires, we can
obtain it through our vast network of lumber manufacturers and dealers.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield® Windows & Doors was founded in 1955 when Edward “Lee”
Schield borrowed $300, rented a 12-by-
24-foot garage in his hometown of Medford, Wisconsin, and started handcrafting windows and doors.


Today, with more than 1,200 employees
and over 1.2 million square feet of manufacturing facilities in three different cities, Weather Shield ranks as one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of windows and doors. Over the years, a variety of product lines have been added to the company’s offerings, and Weather Shield now manufactures windows and doors of every style, shape and size, for both new construction and remodeling projects.


Weather Shield is a unique company. The Schield family members are actively involved in guiding the company's growth. They use innovative technology, excellent component construction and well-developed engineering capabilities to stay on the forefront of product advancements. And their employees have a near-legendary sense of company pride.


“Many companies start small and grow
into large businesses,” says Mark Schield, Weather Shield vice president. “Somewhere along the way some of those companies
lose touch with their customers. At Weather Shield, research and development are driven by the desire to create the best possible product for the customer.
Advances in window design are motivated by a respect for our dealers and their feedback.”


“We combine two essential elements that help make quality windows and doors,”
says Kevin Schield, Weather Shield vice president. “We combine the art of understanding the needs of the marketplace and the science of manufacturing and technology.”


The company is based in Medford, Wisconsin, and operates plants in Medford, Ladysmith and Park Falls.


“It comes down to one simple thought,”
adds Kevin Schield. “We make thousands
of windows a day… one at a time.”


PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Loewen Windows & Doors

Loewen® began at the turn of the 20th century on the lonely prairies of southern Manitoba, Canada. Here in the village of Steinbach, a group of Mennonite families, including the Loewens, had migrated from Russia. Among the first things made by the Loewen millwork for the fast-growing community were humble items like church pews and bee-keeping equipment. But soon, windows and doors became their specialties. That’s because when you live and work in a part of the world where
arctic winds come howling down from the polar icecaps all winter, you learn how
to build exceedingly sturdy, energy
efficient windows.


By using Douglas Fir as their standard
wood species, they ensure that a certain imperviousness to the elements is built into their windows from the start. But Loewen
also takes a number of extra steps to enhance this robust wood’s naturally tough characteristics, including treating it with a special sealant that makes it even more water repellent and decay resistant and helps stain and paint bond securely to the surface. And, because many of their customers choose metal clad exteriors, Loewen offers durable extruded aluminum cladding in a rich palette of baked-on finishes.


Loewen also uses thicker glass than other window manufacturers, making theirs better insulated, more soundproof and more
impact resistant.


Equally important to the unmatched quality of their construction, however, is the enduring beauty of their designs. Loewen makes a commitment to their customers
to keep abreast of current fashion trends, while simultaneously transcending them.
So no matter what Loewen windows you select for your home, they will stand
the test of time.


Caoba Doors has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of architectural windows, doors and millwork, for more than 30 years. Specializing in luxury residential, hospitality, commercial and historic restoration projects.


Located in the central highlands of Antigua, Guatemala, our 150,000 sq. ft. factory is situated on 10 acres, has 6 additional wood drying kilns and over a million board feet
of lumber storage area and approximately 260 employees.


From the beginning, Caoba ownership has maintained a commitment to their employees and to the local community. 
We proudly employ many families of multiple generations with as much as 30 years experience.  Although we are devoted to “old world” craftsmanship,  our facility is
fully equipped with state of the art machinery and top-level engineers and technicians .  Our commitment to the best quality raw materials, reliable suppliers and decades of experience assures us that we can manufacture and deliver products
with lasting beauty and a lifetime of value.


In addition to our employees, our clients
are our most valuable asset.  We have built our business reputation and relationships
by committing to quality and value and by standing behind our product.  Many of the names on our referral list of clients are not
a one-time purchase, but rather they are builders, architects and developers that have made Caoba their primary supplier of windows and doors on projects with extremely demanding clients, schedules
and detailed designs/specifications.


We know that choosing a window and
door manufacturer is very important and
we want to thank you for considering Caoba.  We look forward to helping you realize your visions.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Oak Pointe Stair Parts

Oak Pointe was founded in 1996 by Bernie Booth who had for many years been a partner in a nationally-known stair parts company. During his tenure Oak Pointe
grew and became recognized for its fine craftsmanship and quick lead times.


In 2007 the company was purchased by
new owners who recognized that the stair industry had suffered from a lack of product innovation over the past few decades. This lack of innovation combined with the fact
that many stair companies decided to

import their products from Asia rather than make them domestically greatly reduced
the number of stair part designs offered. With this trend in mind Oak Pointe’s new owners made a bold decision to continue domestic production of its products. At
the same time the company seized the opportunity to differentiate itself by introducing creative new stair components along with island columns, finials, large columns, and products for exterior use
in most any wood species as well as
cellular PVC.


Since its inception Oak Pointe has become
a leader in “Made in the U.S.A.” millwork.
You will find extraordinary wood component designs in the company’s catalog, but if
you do not see what you want, Oak Pointe can manufacture product to your specifications. As a result you can have
a stairway that sets the design tone for
your entire home.


Oak Pointe’s Mission Statement says it
best: “Achieve excellence by exceeding
the expectations of EVERY customer
EVERY time”.


TruStile® was founded in 1995 on the principles of design flexibility and short lead times – two things that were noticeably lacking in the custom door market. Their founders recognized a market need for a dependable source of high-quality doors easily specified to match any architectural style and application. Referred to internally
as “No limits!” manufacturing, this philosophy continues to be the foundation of TruStile’s business practices. If you can dream it,
they can design and build it.


TruStile was one of the first door manufacturers to leverage the superior benefits of MDF (medium density fiberboard) for paint-grade door applications. Since then, they have become the nation’s leading manufacturer of solid MDF doors. In 2003, they recognized an opportunity to bring
these exceptional manufacturing principles
to the stain-grade wood door market.
With the addition of their wood door manufacturing plant, TruStile now has the ability to fulfill virtually any door need for
any residential or commercial project.


Perhaps what differentiates TruStile most
from other door manufacturers is their passion for building eye-catching doors to create inspiring spaces and just doing
things just a little differently. From their manufacturing philosophy, to their industry-leading lead times, to the people who run their business, TruStile’s mission is to change the way people think about doors.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: EFSJ Invincia Door Solutions

Beautifully crafted for the unique architecture and extreme conditions of the Gulf Coast region, Invincia doors are precision engineered to meet and exceed local code requirements.


Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility using innovative technology, Invincia doors are built to exacting tolerances. The result is apparent not only aesthetically, but also in the test lab where inferior products are literally torn apart in testing.


Tested to a design pressure (DP) of +/- 65, Invincia doors meet and exceed the standard for wood entry door systems
along the Emerald Coast.  Testing, which simulates the forces of a hurricane, involves the door being tested for air and water infiltration.  The door is then struck by
three large missile impacts of 9-pound
2x4s traveling at 34 MPH followed by 9,000 positive and negative pressure cycles of
the door system.  Failure within any of the testing steps results in failure of the door.

What this means for you is that Invincia doors have been built and tested to ensure your investment is beautifully secured.


With Invincia doors every door is unique
to your home and your design preference. 
We do not have a catalogue of styles from which to choose.  Your door is custom built to your specifications and will be your own personal work of art welcoming family and friends while fending off the bad stuff Mother Nature has to offer.  To find out
more contact your E. F. San Juan representative today.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Marvin Windows & Doors

E. F. San Juan is proud to team with the people that make up the Marvin Family
of Brands. What began as a family company built on an old-fashioned code of honesty, hard work, and service to their neighbors
is now one of the world’s premier window and door companies. Through our three unique brands—Marvin, Integrity, and
Infinity—and each brand’s unique offerings
of customization and performance, we
can provide a solution to any project.
For everything from new construction to remodeling and replacements, to commercial building and even historical restorations, we never take shortcuts, and we always adhere to the highest possible standards and the highest levels of service. We stand behind every one of our
products, every step of the way.



We make it our priority to be a partner to
our customers through every step of the process, and go above and beyond what
is expected. That includes making sure
our products continue to live up to our
high standards every single day.



The Marvin brand is Built around you®.
Built on a heritage of quality and innovation, we are continuously leading the industry in product design and function. Each product
is made to order, one at a time, to meet your exact specifications. With our customization capabilities, exclusive innovations, high-performance energy efficiency options,
and our unmatched personal service at every point in the process, you will be able to find beautiful windows and doors for
your project.


Just south of the Canadian border, nestled next to Lake of the Woods, sits the small
town of Warroad, Minnesota, home to
Marvin Windows and Doors--the world’s largest manufacturer of made-to-order
wood window and door products. Heralded throughout the world as an industry leader, Marvin is known for its craftsmanship and
rich legacy of producing high-quality and innovative products that are a result of the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of the people who work there.


At Marvin, as a privately held, family-owned company, we’re used to taking the long-
term view, and we recognize that a serious commitment to sustainable operations is
just good business. We are committed to sustainable business practices for the environment and for the communities in which we serve. Sustainability is much
more than “green” business practices.
It includes implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and building sustainable communities in the
USA where Marvin products are manufactured.



The Marvin Family of Brands is dedicated
to creating products that make the places where we live and work more meaningful
by developing high-quality products built
on a foundation of heritage values, innovation and craftsmanship. The recognition we have received for our commitment to our communities, our partners and our customers reflects the pride we take in the work that we do each and every day. We are honored by every commendation and award that we receive, and we remain committed to upholding
the values and traditions of the Marvin Family of Brands for many years to come.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Gaulhofer Windows & Doors

Gaulhofer is a world-wide leader in producing high-end luxury windows and doors that are not only aesthetically beautiful but incredibly durable as well. These windows are among the most energy efficient. Resulting in a quicker return on investment and perfectly suited for passive home building design. Since Gaulhofer employs closed utilization cycles for all of
its basic raw materials such as varnishes, sustainably-grown native woods and waste heat in its factories, you will feel great
living with windows that were made with sustainability in mind. You don't buy windows every day and at Gaulhofer,
we intend to keep it that way. All Gaulhofer products are handcrafted in Austria —  Windows for a lifetime,

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